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With the arrival of the information age and the rapid development of all kinds of high-tech, people's life becomes more and more convenient and fast. More and more new ways of lifestyle are loved by more and more people, and shopping online is definitely one of the most important popular new ways of lifestyle.

书刊名称:Colour Flow 2020 Colour & Material Guide

Developing a Colour Palette for your Wardrobe

In recent years, Taobao produced by Alibaba company has obviously monopolized China's e-commerce industry. The development of Taobao is a microcosm of the development of China’s e-commerce industry. And the changing data of the annual Taobao’s Double Eleven Shopping Festival is also the most important indicators of the development of Taobao.



Therefore, the analysis and study of the changes in the data of Taobao's Double Eleven Shopping Festival can be used to analyze the current development of China's e-commerce industry from a small microcosm. In addition, we can better analyze the current situation of the development of China ' s e-commerce industry, and better solve some problems that may arise in the future in China’s e-commerce industry.


Firstly, let’s look at this chart which is combined with the bar chart and line chart. It shows the total sales data of Taobao Tmall on Double Eleven Festivalfrom 2009 to 2017.


Next to thesilhouettesandtexturesyou choose, the colours of your wardrobe and how you mix them are one of the most defining features of your own personal style. In previous posts I’ve talked a lot about finding the rightdistributionof all the different elements that make up your wardrobe, but I feel that colour deserves a special mention. As with all things wardrobe building, the tricky aspect about selecting the right colour palette is figuring out a way to combine form with function or, in other words, utilizing colour to shape a coherent overall look that expresses your aesthetic ideals (form) through a set of clothes that suit your lifestyle and are bothversatileand practical (function).

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刊物简介:色彩趋势 流行色 权威机构 服装纺织 附带U盘


From this chart, we can see that the data of the total sales on Double Eleven Festival is rising year by year. At the same time, the total sales of Taobao Tmall’s Double Eleven Festival exceeded 100 billion in 2016, and it even makes a new record in 2017. Thus, the heat of Taobao’s Double Eleven Shopping Festival is increasing year by year, and the e-commerce industry is continuing to flourish. In addition, more and more people has chosen online shopping as the first way they will use while shopping.

Colour Flow is the annual trend forecast book with focus on colours and materials for industrial, interior and lifestyle products.

Below you will find ablueprintfor developing a colour palette for your wardrobe. As always, feel free to mold it to your own creative process and needs. I will explain the steps by creating an example seasonal capsule wardrobe, but the general method will also work on a smaller scale, e.g. for planning a travel wardrobe or a single outfit. If you just generally want to become more aware of your preferences and colour style, the first couple of steps will help you define a colourhierarchythat you can then use to tweak your current wardrobe or as a guide for future purchases.

What’s more, we can also see that from2009 to 2017, the year-on-year growth rate of total sales volume decreased year by year. From 2009 to 2010, the e-commerce industry began to develop rapidly,completely changing the way people on shopping. At the same time, it was also the first time that the Double Eleven Shopping Festival appeared in the public,so people's curiosity about new things led to the highest growth rate of the year's total. And from 2013 to 2017, the growth rate of the total sales of double eleven has maintained a steady condition. This also reflects the steady development of the e-commerce industry today.

Colour Flow identifies the most important signs of the time and translates them into new colours and materials. These Signs directly relate to the annual lifestyle book 20/20 Vision based on long time trend research .


Secondly, let’s look at the line chart which shows thetotal sales data in every hour of Taobao Tmall on Double Eleven Festival in 2016.


form 形式

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- Colour and material directions for product developer

Within any visual concept, colour is perhaps the single most important factor to consider, simply because it has the ability toinstantlytrigger amood, anemotion, an association to a culture or a certainera. In one of my favourite style books ‘The Fashion File’, Mad Men’s costume[kɒstjuːm]

From this line chart, we can see that Taobao ' s total sales have been on an upward trend on the Double Eleven Shopping Festival. And in the period from 0:00 to 2:00, there is a sudden increase in the total sales, which suggests that consumers will generally finish shopping in the first two hours after the start of the Double Eleven Shopping Festival.

- 150 Pages of design directions

designer Janie Bryant writes about her thought process for giving each character's wardrobe a verydistinctcolour palette to enforce their personality, history andaspirations. A good example are the three lading ladies of the first seasons: Joan, Peggy and Betty. Joan almost exclusively wears jewel [ˈdʒuəl] tones, deep saturated shades of blue, purple and forest green, to emphasize herbold,headstrongqueen bee personality. Peggy’s favourite colour on the other hand is a hot shade ofmustardto show her (initial) innocence andfrumpiness, whereas Betty’s wardrobe featured lots ofpastel [pæˈstel]shades to represent the classic 60s suburban[sə'bɝbən]dream.

This figure reflects the success of hunger marketing in the e-commerce industry. Selling the most valuable goods with the ultra-low prices in limited quantities will not only stimulate consumers to buy wildly in the first two hours and also promote the smooth progress of the whole activity.

- Pantone TCX swatches and material swatches


Thirdly, let’s look at the bar chart that shows the logistics data of Taobao Tmall onDouble Eleven Festival in 2017. As we all know, the Double Eleven Festival cannot only make the shops online earn their money but also make a great promotion to the development of the logistics.

- Annual release, September

Although many associations with specific colours are universal to an extent, your culture and past experiences will have provided you with your own unique aesthetic ideals that amongst a whole array of different elements also include a preference for a certain colour palette. My favourite method for revealing that preference, your unique colour style, is working with a good old mood board: collecting everything that inspires you and editing that collection like a sculpture, removing elements that no longer speak to you bit by bit and adding more of what you like, until it is perfect. At the beginning, your style might still be relatively undefined but overtime, as you train your eye, your aesthetic preferences will become more and more apparent until a coherent themecrystallizes. If you look closely, you can spot this evolution on many pinterest boards, where people’s first pins are often quite scattered but eventuallyconvergeand follow a single style. Sometimes, revealing your colour style is more aboutsubtractingthan anything else: Many people already have a preference for colours that has remained relatively stable since childhood, but might have adjusted that preference according to current trends or watered it down with other random colours they found in the shops. In that case, the key is to consciouslydefinethese preferences andextractany irritators that ultimately justdistract fromthe essence of your colour style.

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- CD-ROM presentation


From this bar chart, we can see that Shentong, Zhongtong, Yunda and other large express companiesare still the most important transportation channels for the e-commerce of theDouble Eleven Festival. This also reflects the rapid development of thelogistics industry. According to the data online, there is an obvious promotionof the consumers’ satisfaction of the logistics industry this year. What’smore, this year, the e-commerce industry is developing vigorously with the logisticsindustry . In the future, putting more attention to the development of the e-commerceindustry and the logistics industry is a big trend.


Your colour style is likely to be overarching in the sense that it will influence not only your wardrobe choices but also many other lifestyle areas such as your living space. However, your specific preferences may well vary slightly for different contexts, for example between seasons. For the following exercise it’s important to first choose the exact context you want to create a colour palette for, whether that is your general personal style, a single outfit or your summer capsule wardrobe.

Finally let’s look at the tree graph which shows the sales rankings of Taobao Tmall onDouble Eleven Festival in 2017. It doesn’t only show the top 5 products sold well but also shows the most popular brands which is realized by drawing different sizes of the circles.


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From this chart, we can conclude the mostpopular product and brands of the Double Eleven Festival in 2017. It shows thatelectronic products are still the most profitable products for e-commerce. Thischart does not only reflect the most valuable products appearing in the e-commerceindustry, but also guides the future direction of product development in thee-commerce industry.